How To Stop Eating When Bored?

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Many people eat when they are feeling bored and have nothing else to do. Why is this and how can you stop yourself from eating when bored?


If you feel the need to eat when you are bored then you really have an addiction, not dissimilar to a cigarette smoker who is trying to give up but gets irritable when they can’t have a cigarette and have nothing else to occupy their mind.

In this case, the addiction is not to food but to “excess food” i.e. food over and above what your body actually needs.

When your mind is not occupied with anything else, you will actually feel like you are lacking something until you get the food that you want. The solution to this is to understand exactly what is going on.

Are You Hungry Or Not?

The body has an ingenious method for helping us to eat the right amount of food: hunger.

When we are hungry, we eat. When we have a little hunger, we eat a little. When we have a lot of hunger, we eat much more. When we are no longer hungry, we stop eating.

This is a concept that has worked for millions of years on our planet for many different types of animals. It is only in the last few hundred years that we have seen the concept of obesity and it affects only humans and domesticated animals.

When you are bored and you want to eat, think back to the last time you ate and how much you had. Then look within yourself and ask whether you really have genuine hunger? If you do, then eat something. If you don’t, then don’t eat anything!

If you find yourself wanting to eat when you are bored then it is almost certainly not genuine hunger. It is just part of the addiction that you have to getting instant pleasure from food and abusing it by eating more than your body needs. See it for what it is and ignore it.

Long Term Weight Loss

Losing weight in the long term and getting rid of the addiction to excess food first requires an understanding of the above concepts and a realisation that this is also happening to you.

Secondly, it requires a radical change in your approach to your food and your way of life. Start to eat more healthily because it is much better for both body and mind and will help quash your hunger pangs, whether genuine or not. Eat more fruits and vegetables as well as low glycaemic index foods. Above all, get used to eating only when you are hungry.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Quickly?

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How To Lose Stomach Fat

Many people place the stomach at the top of their list of undesirable places to have fat. How can you lose stomach fat? Is there a way to specifically target and get rid of it and, if so, how?

Targeted Fat Loss MythCB063487

The first thing to say is that there is no such thing as targeted fat loss. All those ab crunching devices and stomach contraptions and workouts will not help you to lose stomach fat and here is why.

When you eat more than your body needs then it gets stored as fat all over the body. It does not go on in equal proportions all over the body – every person is different so some, for example, may put weight on their stomach first whereas for others it will go on last.

When you lose weight you generally lose it in the reverse order that you put it on. So if you had a medicine ball gut right from the beginning then unfortunately it will probably be the last to go.

Your body does not use up the fat adjacent to muscles that are worked out. It simply does not work that way.

How To Lose Stomach Fat

The only way to lose any fat, including stomach fat, is to start a regime of calorie restriction. This means that you should consume fewer calories than you expend each day.

You can do this by eating less and making no change to your daily activities. You can also do this by increasing your activity by doing exercise. Or you can do a combination of the two.

If you sustain a calorie deficit for an extended period of time then your fat will slowly disappear, including that on your stomach. Eventually, you will have lower body fat all over your body. Some parts are more stubborn than others and this is just natural variation from person to person. However, it is almost impossible to have a huge belly and sunken jaws, for example. The guy with the classic beer belly may be an exception to this rule but he needs to stop consuming more calories than his body needs and he will lose the gut quickly.

What About Toning?

Many manufacturers talk about “toning” because there is really little other advantage to doing their “stomach targeted” exercises.

If you have minimal stomach fat then these exercises will increase the size of the underlying muscles (abdominals) and make them more prominent. However, are your abs too small to begin with? This is extremely unlikely, given that you use them every day anyway. If you want to make them more prominent then forget about so-called “toning”. Losing weight is the best way to get better abdominal definition.

Remove Your Excess Fat Around Neck

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Excess Fat Around Neck

If you ask a section of the general public then excess fat around the neck comes near the top of the list of undesirable places to have fat. How can it be permanently shifted? Are there any workouts that you can do to specifically target this fat?

How Fat Gets Put Onneck-weight-loss

If you have excess fat around neck then I will hazard a guess that you also have excess fat in other places.

The body puts on weight when you take in more calories than you need. Animals do this when they prepare for hibernation or for the winter.

Everyone has a unique body. This includes the order in which fat accumulates. Some people get it on the stomach first while others get it there last. Most people have some excess fat around the neck but clearly some will fare better than others.

Only you know the order in which fat accumulated on your own body and this is the key to removing it.

Reverse Motion

To lose fat from anywhere on the body you need to have a calorific deficit i.e. you need to eat less calories than you burn up. For example, a daily deficit of 500 calories will help you to lose about a pound a week.

Because of this calorific deficit, your body turns to the fat that it previously stored and starts to consume it. Generally speaking, fat comes off in the reverse order that it went on. Even if your neck fat was the last to get put on and will be the first to go, you usually have to lose nearly all of your fat before you start to get the definition back.

What About Exercise?

Exercise only helps you when it comes to the calorie equation. Exercise increases the amount of calories that you burn up. Assuming no change to your diet then exercise will increase the rate of your fat loss. If you change your diet too then you will lose weight even more quickly.

What exercise will not achieve is targeted weight loss. You cannot laser target your neck region. For example, you may have heard of “face exercises”? These simply do not work. When your muscles work, they do not turn to neighbouring fat cells for energy – the body simply does not work like that.

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Guaranteed weight loss – does it exist?

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The Claim

Some manufacturers of supplements or diet creators will claim that you are guaranteed to lose weight if you follow their instructions.guarunteed-weight-loss

The reason that they do so is because many of their target market have experienced disappointment with their attempts to lose weight. In today’s society, we are used to getting what we want, when we want it. We don’t like to deal with variable outcomes – we want confirmations, pledges, and guarantees that the customer is king, that the customer is going to get exactly what they want.

People make these claims simply to satisfy the desires of those looking to lose weight. Whether or not they can fulfil the claim is another matter altogether.

Money Back Guarantee

The word “guarantee” is used to make a promise of some particular action. So what happens if the product or the diet does not live up to its claims?

Most businesses making guarantees will back it up by giving you additional rights over and above your statutory consumer rights. Typically, they might give you the ability to get your money back up to 60 days or so after the date of purchase.

The reason they give such a guarantee is not because they truly believe that your weight loss is going to happen. It’s because by giving the guarantee, they will make more money than had they not given it!

Life Ain’t That Simple

If you’re looking for guaranteed weight loss then you need to stop now and reassess your expectations.

Being overweight is an addiction. In our natural state, we eat only as much as we need. In our unnatural state in the modern world, we eat more than our bodies demand of us, we eat for pleasure.

No single pill is going to solve all your problems. The only way that you will lose weight for good is to radically change your way of life. It is going to take some hard work too but you also need to change whatever you have been doing so far because it clearly is not working, no matter how hard you apply yourself in this regard.

Remember, there is no such thing as guaranteed weight loss but it is also within the power of any overweight person to lose that extra weight and get back to their natural weight.For more  Quick Weight Loss Plans, browse the entire site.