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Vitamin Chart

Natural Vitamin Sources

There are many individuals who don’t have adequate natural vitamins in their daily diet and hence suffer from one more vitamin deficiency.. Obviously, it’s attainable to purchase vitamin supplements to assist beat any deficiencies except for the bulk of individuals it should be attainable for them to get the bulk of their suggested daily dose of vitamins Taking well balanced diet everyday gives enough quantity of vitamins naturally without going for supplements.

There are specific diets, to like vegetarian, that give a limited quantity of natural vitamins and so a supplement vitamin may be necessary. It’s vital to concentrate on the different varieties of vitamins from different natural sources thus that a person will try to include them into their daily diet. Vitamins which are soluble in water cann’t be stored in their body and want to be replenished each day.
So if we know the sources of natural vitamins,it is easier to include them in our daily diet.

Below is the Vitamin Chart ,explaining the sources of natural vitamins.

Vitamin Chart

VitaminsUseful forDeficiency CausesOverdoseNeeded ForDaily Need
Vitamin A
Normal growth, function and protection of skin, eyes and mucous membraneGrowth stop, night blindness,dry skin, poor bone growth, and weak tooth enamel. Impaired visions, headache, nausea, vomitus, tiredness, skin changeSmoker, vegetarian, in case of high alcohol consumption, intake of cathartic, birth control pill, antibioticsapprox. 1 - 5mg
Vitamin B1
Important for the nerve system, liver damage, inefficiency, pregnancy, mosquito protection (high-dosed), production of energy, affects the carbohydrates metabolism, important for the thyroid functionHeavy muscle- and nerve disturbances, tiredness, dyspepsias, dropsy, cardiac insufficiency, cramps, paralyses, prickle in arms and legsa feeling of warmth, weakness, sweating, nausea, restlessness, difficulty breathing, tightness of the throat, bluish colored skin, and death.Diet, youth, pregnant and nursing women, alcohol consumption, intake of birth control pill, antibiotics, chemotherapyeapprox. 2mg (At carbohydrates-packed nutrition some more)
Vitamin B2
Important for body growth, untilization of fats, protein and carbohydrates, well for skin, eyes and nails, important energy bringer, oxygen transportrarely) skin inflammation, brittle nails, anaemia, callus attritionPregnancy, intake of birth control pill and antibiotics, chemotherapy, fever, smoker, old peopleapprox. 2 mg
Vitamin B3
(Niacin, Nicotine acid)
Building and degradation of fat, protein and carbohydrates, good sleepSkin and mucosa inflammation, headache, trembling, vertigo, sleep disturbance, depressions, feeling of prickle and deafness in the limbs(with over 100mg a day) pruritus, nausea, allergiesLabor, fever, nursing women13 - 16 mg
Vitamin B5
(Pantothen acid
Against turning grey, hair loss, hair and mucous membrane illnesses, necessarily for the dismantling of fat, proteins and carbohydratesNerve malfunctions, bad healing of wounds, early turning grey, weakened immune systemOver urine excretedOld people, pregnant and nursing women, burden, drinking much coffee an teaapprox. 10 mg
Vitamin B6
Travel sickness, neuralgia, liver damage, premenstrual syndrome, digestion of protein, most important hormone in pregnancy together with folic acid, detoxication(rather rarely) intestine problems, bad skin, tiredness, rough corners of the mouthWith intake of this for a longer time in form of tablets it can deposit in the body tissue and lead to nerve damages.Period of growth, intake of birth control pill, cortisone, during physical and mental load, before the menstruationapprox. 2 mg
Vitamin B7
(Biotin, Vitamin H)
Skin deseases, loss in growth of hairs, liver damage, assists metabolism, carbohydrate and fatty acid activity, together with vitamin K it is needed for building up the clotting factorsStates of exhausting, skin inflammations, muscular pains, hair loss, nauseaUnknownntake of birth control pill, antibiotics and catharticsapprox. 0,5 mg
Vitamin B9
(Folic acid, Vitamin M)
Liver damage, cell division, healing and growth of muscles and cells, protein metabolismAnaemia, digesting disturbances, disturbances of hair -, bone and cartilage growthAllgergies, sleep disturbances and bad moods (with more than 15 mg a day)Pregnant and nursing women, smoker, youthapprox. 160 µg
Vitamin B12
Building substance of cytoblast and erythrocyte, nerve pains, skin and mucosa inflammation, liver damageAenaemia, nerve disturbances, nervous disturbances, changes in the lung and the spinal marrowsNot possible, because it will be excreted by the bodyDiabetics, pregnant and nursing women, vegetarian, vegan, intake of birth controll pill, antibiotics and anti cramp means, chemotherapyapprox. 5 µg
Vitamin C
(ascorbic acid)
nflammation and bleeding-restraining, assists the body's defences, protects cells against chemical destruction, activates enzymes, structure of connective tissue, bones and dental enamel, faster healing of wounds, stabilisation of psycheGum-bleed, tiredness, joint pain and headache, bad healing of wounds, lack of appetite, scurvy, inefficiencyIn the case of overdosing in form of powder and pills nausea, vomiting and urine stones can be the result.Smoker, pregnant and nursing women, older people, diets, alcohol consumption, intake of birth control pill, antibiotics, cortisone, analgesics and barbituratesapprox. 75 mg - 200 mg
Vitamin D
Regulation of calcium- und phosphat household, structure of bone, assits admission of calciumBone curvature and softening, increased infection sensitivity, amyasthenia(only with man-made Vitamin D) Calcium deposists in bones, heart muscle, blood vessels, stomach, headache, vomiting, swindle, gastro-intestinal diseasesBabies, older humans, intake of birth control pill, cathartic, antibiotics, barbiturateapprox. 5 µg
Vitamin E
Stabilization of the immune system, anti-inflammatory, cell replacement, protection from radicals, modulates cholesterol level and hormone household, important for blood vessels, muscles and reproduction organs(rarely) amblyopia, tiredness, amyotrohia, dislike, reproduction problems(particularly by synthetically manufactured caps) bad healing of wounds, deficiency symptoms, swindle, nauseaintake of cathartics and blood-fat-lowering medicines, high consumption of alcohol10 - 30 mg (with fat-enrich nutrition more)
Vitamin K
Necessary for formation of the blood clotting factorsHigh doses of vitamin A and E work against vitamin K.With intake for a longer time, it can become toxid, bleedings, hot flashes, renal diseasesBabies, high consumption of alcohol, intake of birth control pill, antibiotics and cartharticsapprox. 2 mg

For latest information you can visit www.USDA.Gov (United States Department of Agriculture & Nutrition Center).

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