Liver Health and Extra Weight

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While decreasing the caloric intake can lead to weight loss, in some cases this doesn’t work.

If you are seriously overweight, tried many diets and couldn’t lose weight, the answer might be the liver dysfunction. Some symptoms of liver dysfunction are sluggish metabolism, accumulation of fat around the upper abdomen, liver pain, digestive problems, depression, cravings for sugar, allergies and food sensitivity, recurrent infections, excessive sweating and hormonal imbalances.

Some of the causes of liver dysfunction are reactions to drugs and toxins, incorrect diet or alcohol abuse.

Liver purifies the blood. If it can’t perform this vital function, it will affect the entire body. Liver also plays an important role in fat metabolism. If it functions properly it burns the fat and creates the energy needed for the body.

Proper liver functioning also helps take the extra fat out of the body. If the liver doesn’t function properly, fat is stored in the body. In this case the healthy liver tissue is replaced by fat so liver becomes “fatty”. If this condition is present, it is practically impossible to lose weight without addressing it.

Taking appetite suppressants or other weight loss aids won’t help in this case: a complete change of diet is needed. You also need to follow a detoxification program. One day fasting with hot lemon water performed once a week over a period of time can help cleanse the liver.

You will also need to take multivitamin, multimineral supplements and herbs that support the liver function. Some liver tonics are milk thistle, dandelion, green tea, vitamin B complex, vitamins C and E. This will restore the normal functioning of the liver. Only after that you’ll be able to lose weight by following a weight loss program.

If you keep the liver in a good shape you’ll be able to easily lose weight and maintain it.

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